Thursday, July 8, 2010


To a new blog.  This one just isn't big enough for the two of us (Eric and I), plus since we are MARRIED its only fair that the blog address relates to the both of us. Right? Right. So, if you are still obsessed with me and my life and want to keep reading about my adventures ;) go to the new site!! Its darling, and there aren't any posts as of right now, but add me to your blog list and leave a comment here so I can add you too! Peace out and happy blogging.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Clearly I'm a beginning blogger.  That last post posted twice and I couldn't figure out how to delete it! Read on, my friends.... read on.

The Dirty Details

I'm in love. With a boy. And he loves me too. And were dating. I figure I'll cut right to the chase and dispel any rumors that may or may not be going around. We have been a "thing" since the beginning of September, and we have been basically inseparable since day one. We decided today that the world needs to know how incredibly fun, hilarious, socially awkward, and happy we are....and what better way to do so than through blogging? Yeah we couldn't think of a better way either, so be prepared for a lot of updates on what Eric and I are doing. Oh yeah, his name is Eric Hronek (like sonic with the rrrr sound for those of you who get tripped up by silent letters). Here are the dirty details of the first few days of our relationship, in painful detail.

We met on September 11. Ashley and I were slack lining outside of Eric's apartment, and he happened to be walking out and wanted to give it a shot. He and his roommate came over and Eric was addicted right away. Pretty soon, we all got a little tired of slack lining and just started talking and laughing. As it turned out, Eric and I had the exact same sense of humor. We chatted about what we liked to do. I told them that I liked boating, and was just getting into Airchair-ing, and that I had recently taken up tennis lessons. Eric has a deep love for both of these activities, and I dare say this was the first common ground we had. But I still wasn't very interested in him till Ashley said he had a cute laugh and that she thought I should go for him. I agreed, so I did! We ended up baking banana bread, playing Nintendo 64, and watching MST 3000, during which we held hands. Long story short, it was love on day three.

Instead of having to read all the things we have done for the past few months, just take a gander at these pictures.
One night, I asked if I could draw a mustache on his face. He said as long as he could draw one on my face as well. Of course I said yes. It was at that moment that I realized that Eric is the boy version of myself.
We are a little obsessed with hippies. We slack line, recycle, Eric has hemp, I hardly ever shave my legs... you get the picture. This was the tie dye date, a must have in every hippie relationship.
Pumpkin carving! That's Sonic and Tails right there. Sonic and Tails is the nickname that my brother, John, lovingly gave us. What do you know, it stuck!
LAKE POWELL! We had a blast. Eric landed a back flip on the sky ski. I had never been more attracted to him than after seeing it. Also, we love throwing up the peace signs.
This is our favorite picture. Were heading to church at Powell, doesn't get much better.

That is us in a tiny nut shell. Expect more updates in the future!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Things have changed for me, and that's okay.

Well people people people, I'm back in the City of Dreams, aka Logan. Been here since August 20 something, I don't really remember and you don't really care do you? Good. I have incredibly mixed feelings about this matter. I miss my flippin family so bad and it has only been two weeks. And I'm going to visit them tomorrow. But really here, I am supposed to be grown up. Independent. Moving on to a new stage of my life. Guess what, Internet. I DON'T WANT TO. Feeling # 1 of going back to college again: Afraid. I saw a post secret once that said "I'm afraid I won't get what I'm looking for out of life, simply because I'm a bad looker." I realized I share this same fear. I'm afraid of making all the wrong choices and winding up exactly where I have spent so much time and effort trying not to be. I'm afraid I'm going to miss something and that I'm not ready to make big girl decisions. Feeling #2: Ready. I feel so ready for this school year. I'm ready to do my very best in classes. I'm ready to meet tons of people, date, hang out, have fun, do things I enjoy, and tons more. Feeling #3 Homesick. Yep, already. I call my mom at least every 1-3 days just to talk. I miss my family, they are way more fun than college and that's a guarantee. Well this is turning into a journal entry, so lets change the subject.

My room is so cute! I made picture boards that match my bedspread with Ashley. Yes yes, we made them. Pretty crafty, super cute. Ashley is the bomb, just sayin. Our new roommate is named Elyse Mills. We never see here because she works everyday. But when we do see her, she is way cool. Me and Ashley went to the 80's dance and it was a blast! I wore something so disgusting from DI and Ash went with the sexy 80's girl look. The 80's dance is my favorite I believe.

QUESTION: Are you as in love with the above picture as I am?
My classes are pretty chill. I'm taking a tennis class. Another desperate attempt to find something I'm good at. I'm still learning, so I have an excuse for sucking. But if anyone wants to play I would be thrilled so give me a call! I ride Sheila around campus, and she turns heads left and right. I get a lot of "Hey nice bike!" comments when I ride past people. Sometimes I pretend they say butt instead of bike to boost my confidence. Then I laugh really hard because, lets face it, I'm pretty weird here. Here is a story: I was riding Sheila and I drove past a boy who was also riding a bike. He rang his bell at me as he passed and I rang mine back at him. It was like saying hi in bike language! It was so cool, and for some reason I felt like no one else really knew what had just gone down.

I got a job! Great Harvest everybody! Great Harvest Bread Co.! I love it there. It is so nice to work for someone who actually knows how to run a business. They people there are pretty legit, I get a free loaf of bread every week (if I'm married I get as much bread as I can eat.....any takers??) free food when I work, and I work the same schedule every week which I like. Perfect job for me.

That's it. I know I was kind of complaining before, but things really are great. I am having a lot of fun already this semester and I hope it just gets better. Peace.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You been seein me lately? I'm a MIRACLE baby!

Okay okay OKAAAY. It has been a while, and a lot has happened. Here we go people, get ready for another Odyssey-length post.

First of all, LAKE POWELL!!! Love it there and had a great time. We went from June 8th to the 12th and I don't regret it for a second. A few of my friends, a few of Mike's friends, and the Johnson family and the Vallace family came with us. The sun wasn't out a whole lot, but guess can still get sunburned. And I did just that. I do every year, but this time it was B-A-D. Speaking of bad, Michael Jackson died recently, but I will be addressing that separately. You could say I just foreshadowed it. Anyway, this was the worst sunshine burn of my life. It was painful, it peeled, then scabbed over, then bled, then scabbed over again. I wore long sleeves in June so I would be so repulsive to people. No worries, its all healed up and my shoulders are sprinkled with freckles like a cupcake at a five year old's birthday party. Can I just say that I love freckles on my arms. It looks like acne on my face, but I welcome the skin sprinkles on my arms. Isaac was especially unintentionally funny on this trip. If things were not going his way, he had one of three things to say.

1. This is such crap
2. You are crap

These phrases were a big hit among the teens and adults, and if anything was going the tiniest bit wrong, it was deemed as being "just crap!" Example: "My air mattress deflated last night. THAT IS CRAP." Number three was reserved for the extra-frustrating experiences. Example (this actually happened): Isaac is stuck in the wake board bindings. He had already labeled them as crap,and if that wasn't enough the board flipped so he was belly down in the water and arching his back to keep his head above water. We were all watching this happen from inside the boat. I slowly counted down from five and sure enough.......FFREEAAAKIN' AAACCCEE!!!!! Ha ha ha, the bindings did come off, and my mom had a heart to heart with Isaac about freaking out. Also, I pinched Syd. With my toes. And it left a mark, which makes it so much more satisfying. I have also smacked her across the back of the head, and punched her repeatedly in the kneecaps. I wonder how much more she will take from me, and bet your bottom dollar I'm going to find out.

Overall, it was an amazing vacation and I am so thankful to my mom and dad. My dad works really hard so we can go and bring friends, then drives the boat all week long. He is so patient and teaches anyone who wants to wake board or surf or whatever your heart desires! The trip would never be the same without him. And my incredible mother makes the houseboat into a cruise ship with the way she cooks. I'm talkin steaks, these really good cheese potatoes that I can't spell and don't want to look up, "carmel poke cake" (this is a PG blog), breakfast burritos, french toast, cafe rio, Hawaiian haystacks, bread pudding, carmel bugles, golden grams smores, baby back ribs, and so much more. I'm lucky if I come back less than five pounds heavier. She works so hard and makes sure everyone has a great time. I have truly amazing parents.

Next item of business is book club. My older brother, Jake, gave me an awesome birthday present this year. He got three copies of "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold for me, my mother, and himself. That's right, a Macfarlane Might book club! We actually named it "The Finer Things Club" in honor of The Office. We have dinner and talk about the reading assignment. What do we talk about? Well, its basically all the things normal people hated talking about in English class. I'm talkin literary techniques, foreshadowing, similes, character development, the whole bit. It has been so much fun, and the story is being made into a movie! We are all going to go see it together. The book is incredible, by the way. If your looking for a good summer book, its a pretty easy read as far as the writing style, but difficult to read as far as the story goes. It is about a girl who was raped and murdered and is in heaven trying to get her family to solve the mystery of her death. The first chapter or two is not for the extremely tender hearted, the girl was thirteen when it happened and the details of her death are pretty hard to get through, but it I love it and can't put it down.

Third item on the list is a little outing that Mike, my cousin Becca, and I went on. We planned a little day trip up to Lava Hot Springs! I drove the nearly two hour trip up to Idaho, and with that much road ahead of us and my lead foot, I was bound to get pulled over. It happened, and I have to confess that I swore three times when I saw the flashing lights in my rear view mirror. I repented, so don't even worry about my business. Anyway, I was going at least twenty over (he didn't tell me how fast I was going) and my insurance card expired, which is a 127 dollar ticket by itself. I was so nervous, and told him that I had only been pulled over once before. He went back to his car for a long, long time and we all knew he was writing me up big time. He came back, and asked me to roll down my rear window. I thought it was a strange request, but I remember all the tazering video's I watched on youtube and my finger lept to the window button without me even thinkin twice about it. He told me he didn't feel safe because the tint on my window was so dark. And he might of got a glimpse of Mike's biceps, enough to make a grown man wet himself like a frightened puppy ;). Well, he handed me a warning for both offenses because of my spotless record. Little did he know that the only reason it was spotless was because of a plea in abeyance for a ticket for 9 over I got in November, which I should have gotten my license suspended for. 97 in a 65...woops. The Lords lookin out for me, even if I did swear three times. Anyway, Lava was tons of fun, and they have square ice cream there!! They should play that up a little more, might attract more business.

Last, but certainly NOT lest, we have a new member of the Macfarlane family. Her name is Sheila, and she is PHAT. I searched far and wide for her, and I the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew we were going to have a long lasting friendship. In case you missed it, Sheila is my new bike. She's a 3 speed Electra cruiser with a little attitude. She made the biggest dent I have ever had in my wallet...over 500 bones, and that's with 10% off, but the entire five hours I have spent with her alone have been worth every penny. I'm in creepy love with this bike, so deal with it. I have gotten tired of driving my car around the block or down to Smiths, so I decided a bike would be greener, tone my legs, give me skin sprinkles that I love so much, and turn a head or two. I haven't been disappointed since. Lyndi sits on the back and goes on bike rides with me, I love every second of it.

I almost forgot about Michael Jackson. I think my brother, Jake, said it best when he said "Only in America could a poor black boy grow up to be a rich, white, woman." The King of Pop's legend of music and dance will never die. As creepy as he was in his later life, the man transformed the music and dance industry and I think he was just as revolutionary in the business as Elvis was in his day. I love his music, and I think Thriller will forever be played at every single high school dance.

Well, if anyone complains that this post was too short, your bonkers. Till next time, peace out cyber space!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Melt Down

Our giant deep freezer. My own mother. Who knew a day from Satan himself could consist of so much frozen food, and be on a Sunday? Lets start from the begining. Two Sunday's ago, my dad came into my room around eight thirty. I don't like being aroused unnecissarily early, so I was a little perturbed. I was then informed by my father that the stand up deep freezer in our bomb shelter had thawed out over night. I love "the bomb shelter." First of all, its hidden behind a secret door that looks like cubbords. Well, I guess the secrets out now. Second, we call it the bomb shelter, as if terrorists were planning on dropping an A-bom where it will do the most damage.....Fruit Heights Utah. I knew immediatly that this was serious. Here is an equation for you! Deep freezer melt down

1 side of roast beef
6 racks of ribs, 16 Lbs total
28 cinnimon rolls
20 Lbs of Rasberries
2 family size sacks of corn
1 pork roast
1 pork tenderloin
12 pumpkin cookies

We sorted out all the food while listening to "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and what I like to call the "OOO child" song my mom always sings. All us kids tried to lighten the mood with jokes of feeding the homeless and being an Oprah special. It was actually kind of fun! The ovens were going non stop all day and my amazing mother got everything cooked and vacuum sealed and back in that freezer.

Lessons Learned:
1. The deep freezer must be shut via body slam
2. In my family, we alway have each other's backs
3. There is hardly a situation that can't be laughed about

Thursday, May 14, 2009